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I apologize for the lack of posting since… far too long. I no longer have time to keep up with the blog - I’m busy with college and riding. I’m kind of disappointed, but I will keep the blog up so that anybody who wants to may look at the pictures. I have moved main blogs, meaning I don’t log into this account anymore, so any messages sent may not be answered for a while. 

Thanks for being so supportive! 


The summer is finally over! (okay, so it’s been over for a while, I’m just lazy)

I’m going to try to start posting photos up on the blog again, but my schedule is never the same from day to day, so there may be gaps in posting sometimes. 

I want to open this ‘season’ of posting with a memorial to Hey Hallelujah of Strawberry Banks Farm, who passed away July 24. He was an amazing performance horse and stallion, and his babies will carry on his legacy. 

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